Bulk SMS Service

Want to give your business much needed boost and push by using bulk SMS services?

Astral Promotion is here as one of the best bulk SMS provider in India offering exclusive bulk SMS services to usher in new era which goes a long way to make your business future ready. In turn, it makes it possible to send bulk SMS to several users on a short note, without facing a lot of hurdles.

Bulk SMS service has been designed for the only purpose to promote your products and services. It goes without saying that main objective is to connect with that of your potential customers and clients by improving your potential and reach.

When using bulk SMS services, you can join hands with the best team of experienced professionals who know what they do. With us, you can also have great freedom and flexibility to send bulk SMS from any part of the world at any given time. You just need to have internet connectivity. The whole mechanism is going to be used with ease and you can get services at best prices. With very simple steps, you can easily reach out your customers and broaden your reach.

We are the leading bulk SMS provider in India. We use state-of-the-art technology which has been no less than a boon for businesses as we address a lot of people in no time because of changing technologies. These days, traditional ways of promotion are losing prominence and concerned businesses and focusing on bulk SMS. It is because of impressive results and ease. There is huge rise of strategies to address concerned matters with text messages.

These days, everyone has a mobile phone. It goes without saying that business promotion has been most common ways of projection. High clientele definitely proves our abilities to offer great service. We offer a huge range of plans for different customers so you can stay in touch with target customers. We are here to make your product and services popular by implementing out plans properly. We have high success rate and we can easily retain our clients on renewal of packages. There is no point in delaying your decision to get attractive benefits.

Key features

  • 2 factor authentication
  • Regional SMS
  • Ecommerce bulk SMS
  • Media bulk SMS
  • Promotional bulk SMS
  • Transactional bulk SMS

Promotional SMS

Send discounts, promotions, and exciting offers to attract new and existing customers with promotional SMS. You can deliver SMS to opt-in and non-DND numbers anytime from 9am to 9pm. You will have a random 6-digit sender ID by the telecom operator.

Transactional SMS

Use transactional SMS to send informational messages, OTPs, order alerts and booking to your opt-in customers. These SMS are not used for marketing. You can send these messages to all DND and non-DND customers. There is also no time restriction to send these messages. You will get 6-alpha character ID that is customized for your product name or business.