Boost caller experience with our efficient, user-friendly, and economical IVR services. Our Multi-level IVR Services are meant to promote your business.

Astral Promotion’s personalized IVR solution greets users by their name to leave solid impression on the callers. It also predicts the purpose of call on the basis of interaction history between you and the customer. It directs you to right menu smartly. You don’t have to waste your time and navigate a complex menu.

You can create your IVR system in regional languages with dialects and accents of geographic location of the callers and route them to local agents smartly. Here’s how our IVR technology improves customer satisfaction –

Get more leads

With our personalized IVR system, the IVR provided to you will greet callers by their name and direct them to specific agent on the basis of their purchase history, call history, and location.

Make professional image of a business

Our IVR system helps you respond to all queries in a professional manner. You can significantly reduce caller wait time and direct them to specific agent or department with IVR number.

Improves agent productivity

With our cloud IVR services, our customers can easily and smoothly handle most number of queries like basic information and billing on their own. With this system, your agents can handle complex client issues.

Handle larger call volume

You no longer have to bear call load on peak hours with our cloud IVR solutions and you can handle around 50 calls at the same time.